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Xbox One Sticker Kits

Change the look of your Xbox One console with these awesome sticker designs.

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For as little as R160.00 including delivery, you can change the look of your Xbox One console.

This Xbox One sticker kit comes with the following stickers:

  • Xbox One console.
  • 2 controller stickers.
  • and the sticker for your Kinect.

Easily put the stickers on your Xbox One items:

Firstly make sure your items are clean from any polish or dust, if they not you might have a problem with them pealing off after time.

Try not to peel the whole sticker off at once, rather peel only once side of the sticker off the sticker backing and then stick it in place and slowly pull the rest of the sticker off the backing while sticking it down slowly.

Take your time when sticking your Xbox One sticker kit on the items you have and it will come out perfectly.

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